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Marimba mallet (imported ratten)

Marimba mallet (imported ratten)

HK$ 350.00Price

Material: imported rattan pole

Hammer: hand-knitted wool

Specifications: Total length with piano head 400mm

Rod thickness: about 9mm in diameter

Head: small ball diameter about 33mm big ball diameter about 36mm

Product model:

Small ball

  1. VG-MLT-101 (hard)
  2. VG-MLT-102 (medium hard)
  3. VG-MLT-103 (medium soft)
  4. VG-MLT-104 (soft)

Big ball

  1. VG-MLT-201 (hard)
  2. VG-MLT-202 (medium hard)
  3. VG-MLT-203 (medium soft)
  4. VG-MLT-204 (soft)



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