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  • Mallet Percussion Care tips?
    Treat your instruments well and it will be your partner for life! Here are few tips: 1. When you are not playing, keep your marimba out of direct sunlight and cover. This will protect it from dust and scratches. 2. Ideal humidity for playing and storing your instrument is around 50%. In very dry environments, a humidifier should be used; and in very moist environments, use a dehumidifier. Even when the instrument is being stored, it is best to maintain a controlled environment. 3. The instrument's acoustics are designed to be optimized between 68 and 72 degrees. Extremes of temperature should be avoided. 4. Use only a damp cotton cloth or a micro-fiber towel to wipe down your xylophone/marimba. 5. Be CAREFUL when you move your marimba. It’s a large instrument, so think about tight corners, door frames and other obstacles. If you have a height-adjustable frame, raise the resonators before moving to keep from hitting door jams. 6. Do not put anything on your keyboard (obviously). The bars are precious wood and will scratch if you don’t take care.
  • Replace a bar
    Do you need a bar replaced? At Coray Percussion, we keep detailed records of all the marimbas we build, including keyboard voicing information. Please contact us to schedule the replacement and refer to the bars as shown on this keyboard diagram. Keep your old bars until you receive new ones from us. That way, you’re never without a bar on your marimba. (shipping not included). contact us for bar replacement pricing: email


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