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Coray 61 keyboard Marimba

HK$ 83,500.00Price


Pitch: A=442Hz

Octave Range: C2-C7, 5.0 octave

Wood type: African Padauk

Bar Width: 72.0-38.1mm

Specification: 2460*1080*980-840mm


Specifications parameter:


Length: 2460mm

Width: 1080mm

Highly: 980-840mm

Weight: 141.89kg

Packaging:5 piece carton packing:

  1. Soundboard: 59.5*50*47cm Weight: 21.09kg
  2. Horizontal version: 130*32*45.5cm Weight: 24.16kg
  3. Resonance tube: 103*45*88cm weight: 33.00kg
  4. Elbow: 86*56*102 cm weight: 33.05kg
  5. Shelf: 116*41.5*107.5cm Weight: 30.59kg


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