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CORAY Percussion

Since 2012

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The best comes once you started



One of the leading brand of the country.
Founded in 2012, a modern musical instrument manufacturer with advanced design and development capabilities

Recruit and cooperate with team of mallet percussion builder, invent and design the lowest coat and the best quality for the largest popularity. 

CORAY Percussion
Start from Marimba, sooner develop and manufacture on xylophone, vibraphone, percussion kit, mallets, sticks, timpani mallet and brush. Shining brand from Hong Kong. 

Coray Desktop Xylophone.JPG

Our Highlight

Our highlight - Desktop Xylophone
Affordable price for 3 - 4.0 Oct xylophone
🥁student : first instrument 
🥁teachers : start your career 
🥁professional : gigs & excerpts

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HK! One if the best Asia's city! Here is not only about economic. 
Please support Coray Percussion 


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